Physiotherapy Device TERALASER-FM 

Device is made based on heterostructured infrared semiconductor laser and ultraviolet electroluminescent diodes. It has 2 emission terminals with independent management and control. The device offer alternative due to the microcontroller usage: the selection frequency; power transmission choice; the choice of working time; working parameters indicating the screen; saving the 20 mode of work; autonomous operation more than 8 hour, automatically loading of batteries; produces beep at the beginning and end of work arrangements.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages:

  • Two optical terminals with independent control;
  • Combining coherent IR and UV radiation;
  • Broadband frequency modulation of UV and IR radiation;
  • Floating frequency in each range;
  • Fine tuning of the emission power;
  • Menu comfortable and setting arrangements;
  • Set the optical head;
  • Small dimensions 15 x 20 x 5 cm;
  • Minimal power consumption 1-5W;

Areas of Application:

  • Medicine - Physiotherapy,
  • Acupuncture.

Stage of Development:
The device “Teralaser” was tested in Municipal hospitals and clinics of R.Moldova.
Covered by patents of R.Moldova MD 2737 G2.

Device with two optical terminals

the optical heads sets
Fig.1 Device with two optical terminals (a) and the optical heads sets (b).

Contact Details:
Technical University of Moldova

Contact persons:
Valerian DOROGAN, vice-rector
Sergiu ZAPOROJAN, department of scientific investigations

Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, 168, Stefan cel Mare Ave.

+ (373 22) 23 54 37,
+ (373 22) 23 54 05