Laser Diode Module with Collimator 

The laser diode module with collimator has a radiant flux power 500 mW, a wavelength of radiation 1.06 μm and beam divergence angle of less than 3 mrad. It was developed in order to obtain minimum divergence angle of optical beam by forming a system with cylindrical and spherical lenses. A quartz cylindrical microlens with a 50 μm radius serves for focusing the ellipse-shaped spot light; the optical fiber is fixed at a distance of 25 μm and is used in the capacity of this lens. The light beam is collimated by a spherical lens with 10 mm diameter with a focus distance of 15 mm. The optical lenses are covered with antireflection layers.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages:

  • Decrease of the divergence angle of the beam less than 3 mrad;
  • Simplification of the technology.

Areas of Application:

  • Optical pump sources for solid-state lasers;
  • atmosphere communication systems;
  • environment monitoring; medicine.

Stage of Development:
The optoelectronic module (1.06 μm operating wavelength) was tested at the Technical University of Moldova.

SEM image of the laser diode with cylindrical lens

photo of the optical module with collimator
Fig.1 SEM image of the laser diode with cylindrical lens (a); photo of the optical module with collimator (b).

Contact Details:
Technical University of Moldova

Contact persons:
Valerian DOROGAN, vice-rector
Sergiu ZAPOROJAN, department of scientific investigations

Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, 168, Stefan cel Mare Ave.

+ (373 22) 23 54 37,
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