Emission Module for Fiber Optic Communications 

The module allows decreasing the coupling losses using an original simplified method for fiber optic communication systems. The original manufacturing method was elaborated using a double quantum well InGaAs / InGaAsP / InGaP / GaAs laser diode mounted in a 5 pin original package fitted with a monitor photodiode and a thermistor for temperature monitoring. The laser is fiber-coupled, using low numerical aperture optic fiber (FO) with microlens. The fiber is fixed with solder (10) heated in a micro-oven (8), which allows the removal or reinstallation of the fiber in order to reduce optical losses and for module optimization purposes.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages:

  • Decrease of coupling losses in the optical module;
  • Technology simplification.

Areas of Application:

  • Fiber optic communication systems, pumping of Er+-doped devices;
  • Material characterization; Raman spectroscopy.

Stage of Development:
The optoelectronic module (1.3μm operating wavelength) was tested at the Kursk State University, Russia.

Emission module

Emission module
Fig.1 Emission module design (a) and photo (b).
1 - Peltier thermocooler, 2 - Cu carrier, 3 - Single mode fiber optic, 4 Microsaddle, 5 - Laser diode, 6 - AlN or BeO carrier, 7 - Cu-Md carrier, 8 - Quartz carrier with microheater, 9 Microheater, 10 - PbSn alloy, 11 - Monitoring photodiode, 12 - Thermistor.

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