The Device for Diagnosis of Oral Cavity Tissues 


The electronic device allows to make diagnostics of an oral cavity fabrics, with an opportunity of automatic correction of the characteristic of the gauge was developed. The device consists of mobile probes and movement element of its, strain gauge, amplifier. Control circuit is based on a microcontroller which allows simple control system, reduced complexity synthesizing control scheme. Microcontroller allows simple upgrading of the device by reprogramming new operating performance. Use of microcontrollers, LCD screens, galvanic cells, pressure elements allow to create the modern device answering to any modern user requirements.

Innovative Aspects and Main Advantages:

  • Reduction in price (because it is one of the most expensive elements used);
  • Ensures high accuracy by strain gauge;
  • Using modern microcontroller command and control.

Areas of Application:

Medicine - Stomatology.

Stage of Development:

The device was tested in Center of Stomatology and Pharmaceutics of Medical State University of Moldova.



Fig. 1 Image and Design of device


Contact Details:

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Sergiu ZAPOROJAN, department of scientific investigations

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